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Go to your studio and make stuff. 
Making is what gets me going. Curiosity keeps me on the path and assists me in arriving at my final destination, which isn't always where I thought I'd end up. The push/pull "randomness" vs. "structure" of art making and graphic design continues
to challenge me and draws me into
the studio every day.

I am a collage artist – layering images utilizing hand stitching and photography. Compelled to create visual stories I combine discarded snapshots, copyright-free Library of Congress images and my own photographic works creating both simple and complex fabric art. I strive to move the viewer towards discovering and honoring the mysteries of the people, ideas, places and possessions that were once deemed precious and have now been left behind.

I have been making art in one form or another since childhood – stitching pre-printed samplers, fabricating elaborate collaged drawings and designing tiny dresses for my troll dolls. With advanced degrees in ceramics, textiles and photography, my passions have led me in many directions and my career has encompassed a wide variety of professions: pastry chef, art director, location scout, miniature golf course designer, photo stylist and paint-color consultant. For more than two decades I owned a graphic design business, meeting with clients, designing invitations, favors and collateral for corporations, non-profits and private individuals. 

As a member of Gallery 114 in Portland,Oregon I show my work approximately every 18 months. My next one-person show is November 2023.  



MY TEAM & WORKSPACE: Ms Winnie Cooper • Mr Henry Cat • Nora, the Irish Terrier • Garden Studio  

My three furry pals enjoy lounging on the studio porch,

re-arrnging my numerous art supplies and overseeing my daily art practice.

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